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Abbreviation RN means ‘‘registered nurse’’ and to become a CRNA or a certified registered nurse anesthetist needs to get a special certificate after successfully completing examination lead by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia (COA). As the last one has more experience educational as well as practical, it is also greater paid off. Did you know that a certified registered nurse anesthetist gets around $120,000-150,000 annually? Also this makes it an inducement for people for becoming one and fills the high demand for qualified nurse anesthetists.

Becoming CRNA isn’t a short way to go. Before getting in some special school where CRNA programs, there will be need to already have a bachelor’s degree in some of the sciences in Nursing and natural science like chemistry, biology, physics, etc. A nurse beings at LPN or RN level and after getting the needed education requirements including practice and certification become CRNA. After spending some time in the nursing profession there is clearer understanding about the different specialized positions available and CRNA is on the top of all them. There are many opportunities and doors opened for a certified registered nurse which makes the certification of the most sought after in the particular profession.

One great place which provides many places for CRNA is at the US Armed Forces. There is possibility also for some great flexibility. To get this place there should be already practice in RN in Bachelor’s degree and got the GPA score 3.0 in the previous undergrad school. However, the average score to get in is around 3.5 and to get such score it means that there is needed to get A’s or you can be left out and go only to some lower level programs. In major schools is also a test. The Graduate Record Examination has a pricey testing fee and also the need at least of 1 year experience in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) before can apply for such.

Most of the nurse anesthetist programs are 2-3 years and only after passing the national certification exam, a person can be named as CRNA. There are more responsibilities than just working and being a RN, but also the salary makes it all worth. It is a stimulus to reach the top of nurse anesthetist profession and be with a certificate and with big experience. If a person is really into medicine and helping people not feel the pain, a certified registered nurse anesthetist is the right thing to do.


Nurse Anesthetist Education Requirements

Nurse anesthetist same as the actual a certified registered nurse anesthetist requires a long time of experience and practice. If we take nurse anesthetist, the job isn’t with as many responsibilities and long as the certified one, but still it is pretty long time and hard meeting the education requirements. To get in a program to become a nurse anesthetist, previously also had be good pass through the school as only the ones which have at least GPA score 3.0 can have the chance to learn in the chosen school, but if the conference is even bigger than 3.0 won’t meet the requirements and 3.5 or straight A’s may guarantee getting inside the collage.

Becoming a nurse anesthetist requires additional Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and sciences in Nursing and natural science like chemistry, biology, physics, etc. Then there should be finished the chosen one of the Medical schools which are found all over the country and have some Anesthesia residency. Total duration of all the process of becoming a nurse anesthetist usually takes 12 years, which is pretty long time and the personality, patience, nerves, intelligence and determination will be tested. If you only study until the level of nurse anesthetist, you will be able to be a nurse practitioner whose specialization is in ‘‘sedation’’ for procedures and practices under the doctor. An advanced practice nurse (APN) will have to pass 2-3 years in full-time study, but as many already have RN, they tend to work as a nurse while going to school. If it is possible to keep up with the program and it is even greater as you will already receive some pretty good sum of money, but the school itself provides some clinical training in university-based or large community hospitals. Statistics say that more than 2000 nurse anesthetists’ students go and also pass their certification examination.

In the school the nurse anesthetists need already mastered courses in biology, physics, algebra, chemistry, geometry, psychology, sociology, foods and nutrition, health occupations/medical professions education, physical education, English, computer skills, foreign languages and other things in good level. The courses in colleges vary – they can be more or less, depending on the collage. The standards set by the special council which accredits each program.

A potential nurse anesthetist has many requirements to become one of the workers in this medical field, but based on the level of successful graduates, it isn’t anything impossible.


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